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How to walk on water on club penguin (maybe a glitch)

First go to the iceberg using your map (click on the ice berg, it’s a clump of white snow in the water on the top right hand side)

Walk over to the aqua grabber sub

When it says do you want to play aqua grabber, click on No

Then walk down (into the water)

It will say Would you like to play aqua grabber again, click on No

You are now walking on water! You can not move around though, you can just stand in the one place. I laughed when I saw it happen.

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Where the Kameo Crystal Eyes are

The crystal eye of restoration:

It is hidden under one of the shells on the beach in the enchanted kingdom. Use Pummelweed to flip over the shell closest to the throne room. You can turn into Kameo and pick it up. This crystal eye will slowly increase your health bar.

The crystal eye of spirit:

Go to the dungeon of eternal life. Walk forward past the warp to the badlands. Use Ashes Fireblast on the 2 dragon torches. The door will open and you will see the crystal eye of spirit.

The crystal eye of protection:

Go to the ancient tower. Use Chilla to climb to the top. It is like a maze. Once you get to the top you will see the crystal eye of protection.

The crystal eye of strength:

It is in the chamber of living portraits. You will see a big statue of Thorn. Use thermites lava bombs to blow up the statue of Thorn. You will now be able to get the crystal eye of strength.

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